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Why SoulDhira & what it is

"When we navigating to the heart of who we truly are, we are able to live in perfect alignment with our highest values & truest purpose for us in this lifetime"


SoulDhira is Soul Wisdom in it's purest form.

Dhira meaning wisdom in Sankrit 

I hold every session with clients very sacred and very close to my own heart, as I channel divine wisdom of pure love and light to guide you and reveal to you the most sacred parts of your own heart and divine wisdom that resides inside you, for you & with you.

What I have witnessed in sessions is the most profound healing & transformation right before my eyes. Shape shifting of the soul & of the physical form. It is truly a wonderful & beautiful unravelling.

There are many offerings at SoulDhira, take a look through them all , see what calls you and aligns with what you need right now.

Every part of the work I offer comes from my years of experience in the personal development field, along with years of training in the areas of herbalism, aromatherapy, Iridology, nutrition & wellness, emotional release therapies, energetic & intuitive body work along with art /movement therapies & as a heartMath facilitator.

Each session & packages are offered in person, over video call & over the phone. With a complimentary discovery call for each new client, head over to the sessions pages and book yours today.

Feeling a little lost? How can I help?

Assisting to create balance, harmony & start living your life on purpose, with intention. Creating a life by design & on your terms. This will reflect in your inner and outer worlds.

Some of the services I offer are The Spiral, Art & movement therapies, Integrated Iridology, well being plans, Herbalism, body work along with online education, workshops and retreat programs.

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