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Dive into Cherie’s world of wellness habits, daily rituals, research articles, interviews, inspirations, musings and more. Access knowledge on the five bodies of alignment, through case studies, proven evidence and true stories.

Navigating To The heart

It is important to note here that each energy body penetrates or overlaps the next & what that means is if something is not right in your emotional energy body it will in turn trickle down & through into the surrounding energy bodies, then over time manifest into the physical.
  • 8 min read

We are all god’s Children,

The all-knowing.

The ever present.

We are all god’s children.

We arrive here with everything we need.

We just seem to have lost the map along the way.

  • 6 min read

Welcome to the E-motions Series

Part 3- A road-map to a more expansive life

So, what is your default frequency? Good question, right?

We have been talking about all this frequency lingo but let me elaborate a little more on what frequency is.

Everything vibrates; we spoke about everything being energy in last weeks blog. Frequency is the number of times something happens over a period or cycle.

Think of the word Frequent, something that is done several times in a short period or a regular occurrence. Hertz is how we describe or measure these patterns; an example is if you turn your light off and on 3 times in a second that would be described as 3 hertz.

When it comes to the emotions and the scale of consciousness the numbers on the scale represent the Hertz (Hz) frequency, shame is at 20 cycles per second then you have courage at 200 cycles per second, then when we get up to enlightenment which vibrates at 700+ cycles per second. Pretty fast at that stage.

  • 5 min read

Welcome to the E-motions Series

Part 2-Introduction to the Scale of Consciousness

Welcome back Soul travellers, I hope you enjoyed part 1 last week, where we touched on the formative years from birth to age 7 years, this week in Part 2 we will go into the scale of consciousness.

  • 5 min read

Welcome to the E-motions Series

Part 1- A brief introduction to the formative years

At the deepest parts of ourselves is a profound desire to know who we are. Where we come from & what are we here to Be, do & have.

So why do our emotions play such an important role in all of this?

  • 4 min read


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