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Part 1- A brief Introduction to the formative years


Welcome to the E-motions Series

Part 1- A brief introduction to the formative years

At the deepest parts of ourselves is a profound desire to know who we are. Where we come from & what we are here to Be, Do & Have.

So why do our emotions play such an important role in all of this?

My intention here is to bring insights & guidance that will assist you on your journey. To get you through these changing times on our planet.

So today I’ve been guided to share some writing for you to connect more deeply with your emotions, what they are and how we can utilise them in your growth, how we can cultivate more emotional intelligence for our time here on Earth in this new age of 2020 and beyond.

For us to go a little deeper, we need to travel back in time, to a point in our lives somewhere between birth and age 7. Most of what we act upon now in our lives is greatly impacted & bestow upon us in those formative years.

At that stage of our life we are literally like sponges soaking up everything around us, we are learning to walk, talk, behave, act & react. We are greatly impacted by what I like to call the close inner circle, made up of the child at the centre of the circle & just outside of that sits our immediate family, culture & experiences (refer the diagram below)

You could say what happens in the circle stays in the circle. A humorous comparison for you, like in the movie meet the Fockers, “the circle of trust”. I still love that movie & just recalling that line makes me laugh out loud. But how true it is. This vessel created on both a conscious, though mostly unconscious level.

So, here we are in our circle of trust & it is all we have come to know in our early childhood. What we learn here is behaviours and how far we can push boundaries with family & adults in that immediate inner circle. We are told to be quiet, do not cry, do not be so loud, you can do this, but you cannot do that & of course it goes on and on. Then there are times and places governed by our adult friends where we can express fully. This works in a very polarising way for us. Our responses become ingrained in the way we see the world and how we show up.

It doesn’t take long for us to start to act out in the same way as our adult teachers & before we know it we’re 20, 30 even 40 years old and wondering why we have an issue with self-worth or not understanding how to fully express our burning desire deep in our heart. Quite often we are not taught about our emotions & how to connect in with them.

I remember when I was growing up, there was always something that I could not quite put my finger on. I knew something was not quite balanced or aligned. But I was not sure where it was inside of me. It was only through working on myself & giving time to self-enquiry & learning more about emotions and behaviours, have I come to realise how important our emotions are & that we shift and change anything that is holding us back at any time. We have the choice to make the changes required by allowing the emotions to move through us. I’ve witnessed this firsthand working with clients one on one.

It is important to note here, that for us to truly understand our emotions we must be a willing participant, so that we can get up close and personal with the emotional nature of ourselves & not pushing or burying them. When we embrace this part of who we are healing can begin to take place on such a profound level.

We are often taught to suppress what we really want, it goes to show why the well being space is becoming more popular every day, there are more people jumping on the personal development train to relieve & understand themselves of all their stories, beliefs and pent up emotions playing havoc in their lives.

Now I just want to clarify here, that this is in no way a blame game! Our adult teachers & guides were only ever doing what they knew from their own learning & their own perspective & experiences. We are literally all in this together.

Food for thought, if we are told to not cry, be quiet, speak when your spoken to, children should be seen and not heard. Then on the other hand we are given the opportunity as children to have fun and express but under the right conditions according to our family & cultural beliefs. Can you begin to see why there is so much confusion for us as we grow up. Some of us will conform to the learning & then carry on doing the same with our own children, others will decide to cut the chains that they feel have bound them & try something new.

Just remember there is no right or wrong way. This all a matter of personal perspective & we will all see this very differently according to our own values & beliefs systems, depending on how we were raised. However, for the purpose of this post, what I’m trying to cultivate is awareness & an understanding of where things might of begun & where these contracted and expanded emotions start to affect us & how we can begin to make a shift.

Fast forward to 2020 & let us connect the dots

Where are we currently on earth?

Join me next week for Part 2 we will carry on talking about emotions & I will introduce you the scale of consciousness.

Thanks for reading and tuning in, until we meet again from my heart to yours big love soul travellers xxx

Feel free to follow me on FB @navigatingtotheheart & on instagram @souldhira & coming soon on my YouTube channel


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