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Part 2-Introduction to the Scale of Consciousness


Welcome to the E-motions Series

Part 2-Introduction to the Scale of Consciousness

Welcome back Soul travellers, I hope you enjoyed part 1 last week, where we touched on the formative years from birth to age 7 years, this week in Part 2 we will go into the scale of consciousness.

So where are we currently on earth?

We all ask ourselves this question. The fact that your reading this means you are a seeker for truth, higher guidance & wisdom.

The current energetic shifts taking place are here to stay & we are all adapting to this new way of being & it is totally ok that you might not be feeling totally ok with what is happening around you. It is totally ok to be feeling whatever your feeling & thinking right now. My advice to you is go with what your feeling, go with your EMOTIONS!

Knowing that we are all going through a lot of shifts and changes, you have probably recognised that LOVE & FEAR is playing out on the planet right now. Understandable yes? What are the energy frequencies in what seems to be two opposing emotions?

To begin with everything is energy, vibrating on different frequencies. Everything! The chair you sit on the bed you sleep in the pizza you eat, your body, the water, the music you listen to. Nothing bi passes this. We are all Energy! Fact!

Feel free to watch the following YouTube video for further information on energy via the following this link

It’s important to remember that whatever your feeling whether it be LOVE or FEAR even something in between, the emotions are energy & we have the ability to transcend this energy and move them around & through our bodies in the most creative of ways.

Apart of the work that I do & work on with clients is to assist in bringing about a shift or movement of energy through working with the scale of consciousness & the vibrations of the emotions.

Once we become aware of where we sit on the scale of consciousness (created by Dr David Hawkin’s you can read more about what it is HERE)we can begin to open up to a new way of seeing or observing our behaviours and our reality. We can quickly move from a place of Apathy, Grief & fear into some of the higher vibrating frequencies of love, joy & peace. It is also important to understand that we experience waves of emotions at any given time & this is all perfectly normal. I have included a diagram to help you to understand visually & how it works (diagram used from the internet).

On this scale there are a variety of emotions. When we live our life on the lower end of the scale, we may feel like we are in a place of suffering along with a contracted way of being & living.

By moving up the scale we start to transcend Fear moving into desire, anger & pride Shifting from suffering into just getting by, this is still a contracted space of existence. It is not until we move into courage, neutrality & willingness do we emerge from our contracted state & we begin the ascension to the higher realms & frequencies where we transition into a fully expanded state of existence.

As we travel up into acceptance and reason, we begin to experience more flow with life, things get easier & we have more understanding around why we are here & what we are here to do. From flowing with life, the next stage is pure Tao, nature in pure form. The emotions here are love, joy & peace. This is where we are in a truly expanded state of giving & receiving of our life force energy. What is to follow this is Ultimate consciousness, Enlightenment.

We all can obtain and travel between these different states of contraction & expansion at any time. You may have recognised times in your life when you are in a state of pure joy or bliss with the universe & your feeling like you are in a beautiful expanded state. Your heart feels open, nothing can touch you, your smiling, singing. Loving everything you do. I invite you now to go there & experience the feelings that arise in your body when you think about these different emotions like they are happening.

Now just for a moment think about fear, grief & apathy & how it makes you feel in your body. This is a great exercise for you to begin to learn how emotions work, the frequencies that arise from the lower vibrating emotions compared to the higher vibrating emotions. Do not worry you can quickly change state, it is just to get you familiar where you are at on the scale & where you are mostly vibrating.

We can really play with these different emotions & this scale in a very experiential way. This is a great tool to use when you find yourself in funk with the world & you are not sure why. Take the time to go into a quiet space where you can begin some self-inquiry. I like to use a journal & write down my experiences. When we give ourselves the time to feel into what is really going on underneath, we give ourselves and opportunity to begin again. To breathe & take time to see what is real for us.

We start to see life from a completely different perspective. What begins to happen is the lower frequencies we have left behind, do not seem to worry us as much. We do the work and we move on; we begin to change our world one level at a time. Fear does not affect us like it did before because you are vibrating at the emotions that reside at 200 & above (you can refer back to the image above for the scale and the vibrations). When we calibrate higher, we attract more of that frequency into our life.

Coming from a personal development junkie. Admitting I have been through some serious trauma and I have done it tough & chosen the hard ways of doing life at times. I have been working on who I am my whole life. But haven’t we all? If your new to this space, welcome & I ask that you please do reach out if you need to, to ask any questions. I offer a complimentary 30 min discovery session for all potential new clients. To have a chat and see where I can guide, assist & recommend.

Next time I will be expanding on the emotions & what they are, why do they feel so different & later in the series we will go a little more deeply into the scale of consciousness. For now, it gives you a taster into what is to come.

Your welcome to follow me on FB, Instagram and on my YouTube channel SOULDHIRA where I go into more detail about what I do & what it all is anyway.

Each Monday I do a weekly wisdom forecast; you can join me for that on my YouTube channel or catch it first on my FB page SoulDhira

Thanks for reading and tuning in, until we meet again from my heart to yours big love soul travellers xxx

P.S I have just bought a cold press juicer & I will share with you more on that a little later. I am feeling excited about!! YAY!




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