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Part 3- A road map to a more expansive life


Welcome to the E-motions Series

Part 3- A road-map to a more expansive life

So, what is your default frequency? Good question, right?

We have been talking about all this frequency lingo but let me elaborate a little more on what frequency is.

Everything vibrates; we spoke about everything being energy in last weeks blog. Frequency is the number of times something happens over a period or cycle.

Think of the word Frequent, something that is done several times in a short period or a regular occurrence. Hertz is how we describe or measure these patterns; an example is if you turn your light off and on 3 times in a second that would be described as 3 hertz.

When it comes to the emotions and the scale of consciousness the numbers on the scale represent the Hertz (Hz) frequency, shame is at 20 cycles per second then you have courage at 200 cycles per second, then when we get up to enlightenment which vibrates at 700+ cycles per second. Pretty fast at that stage.

I have added the diagrams below so you can begin to get an idea of what the frequency waves look like, lower frequencies are a lot slower than mid-range and higher frequencies.

As we move up the scale the cycles per second become much faster, not only does the amount of cycles per second change, but the feeling of that frequency changes.  check out the diagram below.


(Diagram copied from the internet)

I do not want to get to sci-fi on you, so I am going to jump straight into how this all aligns with our emotions and our day to day life.

Now that we have a basic understanding what frequency is and every emotion vibrates differently. We can now translate this into our lives & take this Energy in motion to start manifesting our hopes, dreams, and desires into our reality, Ill go into more detail about this next week & how you can apply this practically. But for now, with this all-in mind we can literally move from one state to another & with this level of awareness & understanding we can creatively shift our standpoint or position of where we find ourselves in any given moment.

Like I said before the emotions under 200 Hz per second are a lot slower and denser in comparison to the emotions sitting at 200 & up, why do they have a more dense, heavy feelings opposed to our expansive emotions on the scale.

I like to describe this in a simple way, the cycles are a lot smaller, on the lower end of the scale therefore it requires less space, it is a more contracted place to be. When we look at Love, Peace & joy, with far greater cycles per second it requires more space for these cycles are more expansive in comparison.

(Diagram copied from the internet)

So, you might be thinking what if I am in a lower state or frequency for a period of time will it effect my overall frequency and bring me down on the scale & will I stay there? The answer here is no, if you normally default at love 500 on the scale & you have a temporary outburst of fear, anger, rage or sadness & you remain there for a short period, you’ll be able to quickly change your state and move back up to the emotion of love once again. It becomes easier to shift energy when we are at a default of 200 and above. When you sit in a higher range for longer, you attract more of that into your life.

The issue arises when we experience a lower frequency emotion over a prolonged period, when we stay in this state it can affect our overall frequency. You might have a default of 200 & below (below courage), you will attract more of that into your life & it is harder and will take more effort to shift that quickly & move up the scale.

But all is not lost, even if you have experience situations in your life of sadness, fear, grief, and shame, whether it be through trauma or life’s choices. You can still make changes & you can start today. There are amazing ways to check where you are on the scale, where you tend to default on a daily basis and how to move up & out of the lower realms to reset your default for a new higher vibration above 200 on the scale.

Where do you think you reside on the scale?

Our bodies are like a radio, tuning to the frequencies around us, we generally have an idea of where we sit & we can choose to tune into different frequencies at different times.

That is the wonderful part about all of this. We can tune our radio to what we want more of in our life.

There are some questions you can start to ask yourself if your feeling stuck or stagnated or your finding it difficult to shift & stay in a place joy.

  1. How do you feel most of the time?
  2. When did these feelings start?
  3. Was there a situation in your life when you started to feel like this?
  4. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others or feeling jealous or envious?
  5. Do you find yourself in very weird situations in your life?
  6. Are you struggling to earn what you would like or get that project off the ground?

You can start by journaling  from these prompt & connect more deeply with your emotions.

If you’d like to find out where you sit on the scale & how you can start to shift from a place of shame, guilt, fear into a place of more love, joy and peace, click this LINK to book in a complimentary unearthing session with me & together we can test where you’re at in your life today.

Next week I’ll dive a bit deeper into expanding your awareness where emotions are concerned and how we can start to play with these emotions to create magic in our lives.

Your welcome to follow me on FB, Instagram and on my YouTube channel SOULDHIRA where I go into more detail about what I do & what it all is anyway.

Each Monday I do a weekly wisdom forecast; you can join me for that on my YouTube channel or catch it first on my FB page SoulDhira

Thanks for reading and tuning in, until we meet again from my heart to yours lots of love soul travellers xxx


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