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We Are All God's Children


We are all god’s Children,

The all-knowing.

The ever present.

We are all god’s children.

We arrive here with everything we need.

We just seem to have lost the map along the way.

We arrive here with everything that we need & along the way we seem to think that we need to accumulate things & stuff.

Certificates, acknowledgements to make us whole.

When in actual fact it couldn’t be further from the truth

I have journeyed my whole life trying to obtain & achieve goal driven outcomes that have in fact motivated and inspired me.

But in part have not made me whole or are not the external pieces that make my soul complete

These experiences, things, achievements, goals are what drive me, but there is a fine line between striving for an external force & going within

Going within & finding your true essence, the truth of who you are & what you have come here to do is where the real magic lay.

And until you uncover, unwrap, de layer, unveil, uncover, disrobe, strip back & reveal we never seem to get to that point of knowing who we are.

And so, we are all god’s children

We came here knowing who we are at a soul level & so we need to be reminded of who we are and where we came from

Throughout my journey I have spent times spinning around on the spot, repelling forward, being at the highest highs and lowest lows, even though all these experiences in my life, lessons and learnings have brought me to where I am today.

I am reminded this morning that I knew who I was and what I wanted when I was under the age of 5.

I’m reminded of snippets of my life through visions and insights and unconscious knowing that all that moves me as a grown woman that walks this earth is all that I was & all that I experienced as a very young child.

So, for me dazed and confused and I stand here I think Mmmmmm how do we bridge the gap between the all-knowing the true essence of who we are & our accumulated experience of where we stand today?

For me it is about reminding and remembering, remembering who we are & where we came from & tuning into the deeper parts of ourselves that enable us to be raw & exposed and vulnerable.

For me it is about tapping into that deep knowing that we have always known

As I sit here now writing this, I remember times in my life of dancing and singing & playing joyfully & showing others the way.

I remember Dance & music and movement was my core focus I needed to move my body every day, when I heard music my heart would light up & it would just sing. I would dress up in my fancy clothes & come out to present myself to the world, my colourful joyful heart.

So lite up, that nothing was going to pull me down from that beautiful space of pure bliss & joy and happiness.

I remember yearning and begging my parents to be a ballerina & in those days’ money was a bit tight & my parents were young & fearful & I know they thought that is was a phase I was going through. But I was so obsessed about becoming a ballerina that I would walk around on my tippy toes & make my toes bleed. I was embodying a ballerina. Graceful and elegant. I would walk around & I would imagine the tutu on my body & me dancing on the stage like a beautiful bird in the sky.

I begged and pleaded and knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to dance. So, knowing that was not going to happen & I remember feeling disappointment because I had this yearning in my heart to move and to be a butterfly.

So, I would make find ways to make my own fun, I was an only child until the age of 8 so I had to occupy myself graciously & that I did.

I was never board and always playing and my days were full of fun & I remember that being in the outdoors & in nature brought me so much joy.

Drawing & creating an even at the age of 8,9 & 10 I remember just intuitively bringing some of the neighborhood kids together & I would run classes in the front garden, teaching them how to do cartwheels and handstands.

I did not for a second think it was wrong, or they were thinking bad of me, I just did it. It brought me so much joy, we would laugh, and we would sing & we move. So, movement is so important to me personally. But I also know it is a key to unlocking trauma, emotions and pent-up energy through the body.

We are all god’s Children,

We are all here for a divine purpose that drives us, inspires us & to be in flow

We are all god’s children.

And so, I’m reminded today as I walk along the beach & full of insight and inspiration that one of the keys to returning back to our true essence is to remind ourselves of what we love to do as a child.

What we love to do so much in our heart of hearts.

We spend so much time going with what maybe our parents’ thought was right for us or friends or influences within the family circle & that becomes indoctrinated into our systems.

Then we spend all our lives trying to undo it all or some of us do, trying to find the way again.

“Hang on, I know there was something here that was a clue, there was a breadcrumb, there was a hint there was a sign”.

So today I want to let you know that there are signs everywhere & you know in your heart of hearts what those signs are, there are many ways of finding that true essence of who we are.

Some of the things I do is journal, dance, walk, draw, talk, move, meditate & daydream.

But I’m forever inspired to create a life that is filled with joy love and purpose that only fills my heart with joy and inspires others to do the same.

There is this wonderful space we dance between, the knowing and the unknowing. The Conscious and the unconscious so I am encouraging you today to tap more deeply into that space of unknowing the unconscious. The unknowing, knowingness of all we are.

I am encouraging you today to take a leap of faith, to take out a piece of paper, to sit & take a while to daydream & to think about what you are here to do.


I’m reminded today as walk along the beach with thick stormy clouds above me, rugged rough terrain of the ocean and sand so flat and calm that is under my feet that I feel every grain.

I stand look at my beautiful fur baby Chewee as he runs off into the dunes & there is not another soul on the beach. I remind myself that where I stand at this moment, that there is no one else on this planet, standing or doing what I’m doing right now, right here.

I’m going to leave that as the call to action, when your caught in a storm of chaos in your life your caught in a cloud, or you’re feeling a dampness or a heaviness and you don’t’ know the way out, I invite you stand still and close down your precious eyes & take 3 slow deep breaths into the belly & when you’ve released those breaths, stand there in silence & remind yourself that you are the only person that is standing on that point, doing that, right in that moment right here right now.

What you will find as that starts to land, that suddenly the whole world feels a lot different, everything will feel more expansive, everything will feel more alive & suddenly you feel alive with opportunity. That you and everybody else are doing that same thing wherever you are.

We are all here to follow the flow of divinity which runs through each one of us. It’s time to shine your unique light, it’s needed.

It’s a unique opportunity to feel greatness in every single moment of your life, every single moment.

We are all god’s children

We are all of the ever present ever knowing greatness that we have come here to be.

Walk away with this message from me that you know exactly what you need right now & you know what you have come here to do. Trusting in what arises.

The richness is tapping into the deepest parts of yourself that have always been there.

That ever present ever knowing you.


Forever guiding you in health, healing, and happiness

Cherie x

See you next week 

Photo-taken by me from my personal albums

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