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What are the Energy Bodies?

What are the energy bodies?

This week let us take some time to investigate the subtle energy bodies.

I work with them closely as a practitioner, I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to share with you some further information, so it helps you to become familiar with the way energy works & how the way we think, act, show up, what we do & who we spend time with penetrates every part of who we are & our being-ness.

The main areas that I like to incorporate into the work I do with clients is the physical, energetic, emotional, mental & spiritual realms of who we are. To bring about transformation & change.

It is important to note here that each energy body penetrates or overlaps the next & what that means is if something is not right in your emotional energy body it will in turn trickle down & through into the surrounding energy bodies, then over time manifest into the physical.

Even though there are many texts, and traditions & each can vary from the next. You can take it upon yourself if you would like to dive a bit deeper to take on what resonates and throw the rest out. It is all a matter of opinion, tradition, beliefs, and culture.

I am going to keep this simple & easy to follow & what I share with you today is only a small part of the whole, it is a vast and complexed area.

Let us start with the what the Subtle energy bodies are, they are energy vibrating at different frequencies than the one prior, as we move out each body vibrate faster and faster. They all have their role to play in our lives & when one is out of balance it can throw the entire system out of balance. At extreme levels it can cause illness or conditions to manifest in the physical form. Illness shows up in the energy bodies a long time before it does physicality. To weave in some iridology here, it is the same for the eyes.

You can watch session 1-basic iridology to find out more about that by clicking HERE.

The Energy bodies are made up of 7 layers, but to keep this simple I am going to group some of them together, so it is easier to follow along without too much quantum and galactic talk.

Each Energy body connects in with a particular chakra & then is directed into the body via our meridian system.

Just this alone tells me so much, everything we are, our food, how we act, the way we think, feel, see, know, the way we love, who we love, what we listen to, who we choose to hang around with effects the whole.

Working with our Mind, body & soul in combination…

So, what are they & where are they?

Physical Energy Body:

Everything is energy & the physical body is no exception, the reason why we can see and experience a physicality as such is because the low-density vibration & frequency the physical body sits at. These frequencies are within the range of visible light. Why is energy healing work so powerful & can be seen and witnessed in the physical body, is due to that fact each frequency wave of energy effects another.

A good example here is that if you play a lovely piece of music, beautifully produced together it can help emotions arise & good feelings to arise just by listening to that piece of music. We change state and we start to feel better again, energy is moving all the time & it is when it becomes stuck or stagnated that is when it is time to connect in with activities, people, places, and things to assist in moving through & shifting out state of being to something that brings us more happiness and joy.

You really do not have to be woohoo! To follow this information. All I am referring to here is Energy! It is more science & quantum physics rather than spiritual.

Etheric Energy body


Colour -Red

Or what I call the main energy body, this is the first that sits outside the physical energy body. Although it exists outside the physical body there is a small portion that remains inside the physical & just above the skin. This Energy body plays an especially important role in the functioning of the body & was in existence before the physical form. The two work closely together & you could say that the Etheric Energy body is the physical bodies blueprint.

The Etheric energy body is a guide to the physical body & when in pure resonance with the physical energy body you will be glowing and a picture of health.

Quite often trauma, illness & disease is left unhealed (although allopathic medicine has made the localised area of concern well again), energetically the profound healing must take place at the energetic levels for the condition, illness, or disease to be gone completely. If it hasn’t been dealt with at an energetic level, can sometime often return in another form physically.

Shock & trauma from this life effects our vitality and strength if it remains unresolved.

Shaman’s, energy healers work in the energetic realms & it is believed that we can bring through trauma, illness, and karmic patterns through from a past lives.

I too believe this to be true & I understand personally what it takes to shift the holes or blockages that show up in our energy field over time (a story for another time).

Emotional Energy Body



This energy body carries our emotional patterns, character, feelings memories and would you believe our personality too? Sitting 1 to 3 inches out of the energy body, emotions such as fear, anger, hate, love can show up as big bright clear blobs extending outwards, each colour represents an emotion. Dense & confusing emotions will show up as grey, murky & muddy in the energy field.

These layers are unique to everyone & because the emotional body is just outside of our 3D reality, it has no concept of time. So, therefore sometimes our emotions can come through as emotional outbursts, that can just drop in unannounced.

If you go through life angry all the time or sad, frustrated, fearful, these frequencies and emotions will anchor into the emotional energy body & become a part of who you are. The same goes for happiness, joy, love, excitement. It is good to note here that with work you can most definitely shift and change these emotions, the key is to have the awareness and readiness to want to shift them and make the change & transition to a much higher standpoint. Where not only will you experience greater flexibility & an openness but a deep desire for life.

This is a very potent energy body & give power to our thoughts & intentions.

Mental Energy Body         

Although broken down into two parts they form the basis of our patterns and beliefs, there is a deep connective resonance with the emotional body & so the thought that connects to the emotion causes a reaction or action in your life.

For each person, the experience will be different it will all depend on what has been indoctrinated in one’s life and the experiences in that person’s life.

Our emotional body will store that reaction from the mental bodies. The mental energy body sits about 3 inches to 8 inches from the physical body.

But now for the two parts in more detail.

The Lower Mental Body

Chakra-Solar Plexus


As I said above it stores and transmits out thought & mental processes. The saying “be careful what you wish for” is true, our thoughts very much become things. Where thought goes, energy flows. An immensely powerful superpower in my opinion.

When we link thought with emotion we create.


Next time you are trying to manifest something into being. Stop! Do not try so hard, try adding some feeling & imagination to your goals, dreams and desires & whatever it is you would like to bring into existence.

The Higher Mental Energy Body



Now for the higher mental body, this is the bridge between our lower and upper worlds, it is the link between the physical and the spiritual. It is through the higher mental energy body that when our heart is open, we receive information, inspiration & light from our soul. There is a link here that is in direct connection & in doing so acts as a filter for past life information and karmic patterns.

Spiritual Body

Broken into 3 parts but each having a big role to play not only individually but with each other & the energy subtle body energy system. The spiritual bodies bring it all together.

Is representative of all our accumulated experiences & reflects all our gestalt experiences of all the learnings and experiences in our life. It carry’s our desires, purpose & our willingness to show up in our life’s purpose. It is our higher intentions of the self. Higher learning, knowledge & wisdom.

The Causal Energy Body



This is the doorway to our higher consciousness, linking our personality with the planets and the upper realms. Now I love this part, it can be seen as 7 concentric circles, embodying all the colours of the rainbow.

Now everything that is permanent & real about us is held here in this energy body. It holds our spiritual gifts & our souls work and reveal it all to us when we are ready.

Truly magical.

The soul energy Body

Chakra-third eye

Colour-Violet, cerise, purple, turquoise/purple

The essence of spirit resides here, it is the home of our spiritual visions, that part of us that which is god, our god like nature, our god like essence. Our visions are then grounded down in the lower chakras, which allows us to manifest.

The integrated spiritual


Colour- All colours, illuminous

What occurs here is a merging of all the subtle energy bodies also the essence of the physical. All our integrated spiritual principles and learning of who we are Is housed here & what we must work with in this lifetime.

In closing.....

These 5 (8 including the physical) bodies make up our Auric field and depending on how we are feeling and what we are experiencing will depend on the size or expansion of the Aura. It roughly sits at about 45 cm from the body & can expand even further when one is experiencing unconditional love, kindness & compassion, the same is to be said when you might be feeling sad, fearful, and alone, but the aura will contract closer to the body & appear smaller.

I would hope that today’s blog will help you reach a greater understanding and awareness about your energy and the importance that each layer plays in your life. Energy medicine has been practiced for thousands of years & now in our changing times we are called to return to our original roots of our ancestors & practice age old modalities that supported people holistically and synergistically.

As a practitioner when we come from an open space of love, kindness, and compassion. Considering the whole person, every layer, physically out. We can really guide you to greater health, healing, and happiness to live your true potential, best version of you & who you were born to be.

I look forward to connecting with you soon & please do not hesitate to connect at any time if you have any questions.

Much love

Cherie xx


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