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 Hello & Welcome 

My Name is Cherie, some of you may know me as Ashana & I'll be your journey guide, whether you've chosen a more energetic, emotional clearing journey or you've decided to take a look at your health & well being. They are all inter connected & I'm honoured that you have decided to take a look at what services I offer & how I might be able to guide & assist you on your path.
My journey started a very long time ago, when at the age of 14 I began becoming interested in all things esoteric & out of this worldly.
It wasn't until in later life, when I begun on my own healing journey of self inquiry that I realised my connection with the divine had begun a lot sooner than the age of 14, it's something I did not share openly with my friends, because to be honest it wasn't main stream & my friends weren't talking to guides & the other side. I also realised early on that I was able to see people's full potential, within a few moments of meeting them & was able to read so much about a person's energy when I was in their presence. This has been a blessing and a curse, at the time I didn't know how to manage it or understand what it was, it did however lead me down a path of deep reflection, healing & coming to know myself & other people at the deepest of levels & has shaped me into the women that stands before you today.
I now meet you here on this path &  I can honestly say I'm excited to be sharing you're journey & guiding you to the next level of your own existence on this planet.
What type of women am I?
I'm a compassionate women, who is very passionate & driven, my highest value it to follow my heart & my precise intuitive nature keeps me on track & in a state of trust & alignment with spirit at all times. I am acutely attuned to the world around me &I'm a great listener & one that knows how to hold space. I take my work seriously & my intention is to meet you where your at in life.
You receive 100% of me, I'm generous, kind, loving and honest. I can offer you the nurturing & safe space that you need. I'm knowledgeable on health, wellness, herbs, energy, spirituality & transparency. I also know when to have fun and how to have & believe that balance in life is what's important.
You know why?
 I totally get it!! I've been there & I'm living this life right along side you.
My skill set consists of:
*Integrated Iridologist
*Art & movement therapist
*Spiral practitioner
*Intuitive body/energy work
*HeartMath facilitator
*Journey guide
*Nutrition & well being coach
*Massage swedish, remedial, lomi lomi
*Master NLP practitioner
*Timeline Therapy Practitioner
You can get to know a bit more about some of these in the sessions sections of this website & in some of the information pages, where I'll cover in more detail about each of them.
I've combined my skills, intuition and life experiences together to bring to you an array of offerings. My work is client centred & very much comes the heart. There is no cookie cutter option here.
I absolutely love doing what I do & I'm over joyed to guide you & get you on the track in your life, whether it be your health, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, emotionally, we can look at it all.
I'm based in Australia & currently reside on the Sunshine Coast in QLD with my two fur babies Chewee & Rosie, I offer in person & distant consults & depending on your chosen session you will have the option to choose.
Please feel free to reach & connect at any point.
If you'd like to find out whether we are aligned to work together or would like to find out more about what I offer, please feel free to book in a complimentary 30 minute call & we can unearth what's alive for you right now & point you in a new direction.
You can book you're call HERE
Give your soul permission to feel in to what it most desires right now! Your are alive & have limitless possibilities available to you.
"In life there is one thing that over rides it all & that is love"
Looking forward to guiding you to greater health, healing & happiness
Much love x
If you'd like to connect with me via insight timer you can find my free offerings HERE


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