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“Cherie was able to help me to get myself grounded, breath through my anxiety, and find my balance.  She was warm, supportive, patient and caring. She listened to everything I needed to say, and her beautiful voice took me to a place of calm I had not been to in years.  I will be forever grateful to Cherie for helping me to get centred and for giving me the tools to navigate through this difficult time.”

“Cherie provides me with a safe place to speak openly and freely and always makes me feel comfortable to do so. I am quite an anxious person but always feel calm and at ease when I am talking to her. She really understands how I am feeling, even if I struggle to articulate it. And she has helped me uncover and clear blocks that I was not even aware I had.”

“I’ve learnt amazing manifestation techniques that have helped me get my business off the ground and helped me to change other aspects of my life. Cherie is so in tune and incredibly caring. I always feel lighter and brighter after talking to her (or even just getting an email from her!)”

“Cherie is one of those special people that has the ability to have you leave every conversation with her in a better state of mind then when you started. Cherie's ability to connect with what is important in life and live her life in line with her values and truths is fantastic to see and to be part of.”

“I’ve known Cherie for 28 years. She is a dear and valued friend. After having a panic attack on my way to work one day, my first thought was to reach out to her for some help. Everything within me was irrational and imbalanced at that time. I had watched her transformation over the years and I knew she would be able to help me. Due to Covid-19 we had a Facetime call and my session was amazing. Cherie cleared my chakra, and I felt light, energised and ready to move forward. I highly recommend Cherie’s services, not only does she have an amazing ability to know what you need when you speak with her, but she is a beautiful kind soul.”


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