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It's a complimentary-30 minute phone/zoom session to discover & unlock some truths of where you're at in life currently & to chat about what's alive for you right now.

We get to set the tone, connect & bring about an awareness in your life so that after the call you can go away & make a decision as to whether it is for you.

I like to approach these calls with an intention that gives you some options and choice.

We'll have a very casual conversation to see if I can assist you with you health & well being. I'll offer up some recommendations, it's then up to you to decide if you would like to take this to the next level.

Please feel free to ask any questions you like during this call, this call is also set up to ascertain whether there is a connection between the two of us & to see if we will be the right fit when it comes to working together, it's also a great to have all your questions answered.


*People looking to create long and lasting change in their lives

*People who are serious about their health and well being

*For anyone who have or has trauma, stress, upheaval & who is seeking to unearth their past to bring about change in their lives to get them on track with their purpose

*This is for anyone looking to make changes to their health & the way they live

*That have a niggle that there is something more for them out there.

*For anyone who want to clear the charge around their emotional's when it comes to them dealing with things in life

*Are you in a state of REACTION instead of ACTION? 


*This is not a sales call

*This is not a quick fix counselling session

*This is not a call you can make weekly to avoid my paid services (1 complimentary call is available per new client-at the beginning)

*This is not for everyone & it is not for those who are not serious about bringing about a new way of living or change in their lives

*This is not a call to waste my time or yours

You can click through and make a booking with me & schedule your 30 minute call


Looking forward to connecting very soon & assisting you on your healing journey


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